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Simply Call, Text or Whatsapp me and I will add you to my broadcast list, make sure Im in your contacts list and I will let you know when lessons are available. The forecasts are generally only accurate a few days ahead but I will try to give as much notice as possible.

How much does it cost?

I work mainly in 1-1 and 2-1 using bluetooth headsets. 1-1 is £140 for 2 hours, this is ideal for complete beginners. 2-1 is £120 for 2 hours, I will try to pair you up with someone at a similar level or you can come along with a friend. Additional time is £60/£70 per hour, you are welcome to extend your lesson if you wish to.

What do I get?

I supply all kit except water wear, you will need boots/shoes as well as a wetsuit. I have wings from 3m to 6m and boards from 110 to 190 litres. The first hour will be a land based guidance so you can get decent wing handling before you get into the water. With the right conditions progression is very rapid.

Where and when?

The River Adur in Shoreham is one of the best places to start your Wingfoil Journey. We need a high tide, around 1-2 hours before is best, depending on the size of the tide, and we need wind from about 12-14 knots from any direction without any East in it.

CALL 07799 897190 ask Tim for info about lessons and kit